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About wedding ets…
Most important make registration in place all call ZAGS
It is Government Registration
It make in Kiev only in this place with people from other countries:
Central ZAGS
Address : Pobedi prospect 11

It is need for marriage was considered official.
All other activities are carried out in agreement with families and, accordingly, financial means.
Wedding dresses;
Wedding in the church after the official part in the registry office;
Celebrating in a restaurant or at home with family, friends;
Good restaurant

Driving around the city and photographing in beautiful places;
Rules for marriage in 2018
According to the Family Code, marriage is a family union of a man and a woman who reached the age of marriage and is registered in the manner prescribed by law with the voluntary consent of the bride and groom. In Ukraine, forcing a woman and a man to marry is not allowed.
What is the order of marriage in Ukraine?
The order of marriage in Ukraine provides for the passage of several stages:
Stage number 1: Choosing the place of the wedding (REGISTRY OFFICE)
Stage # 2: Familiarity of future spouses with rights and responsibilities
According to Ukrainian law, employees of the state registration of civil status are required to familiarize the newlyweds
with the conditions and procedure for state registration of marriage, their rights and responsibilities as future spouses and parents, and clarify the responsibility for concealing obstacles to the marriage (Article 29 of the Criminal Code). In addition, the preparatory period of matrimony can be attributed to the stage of mutual familiarization of the groom and the bride with th Stage 3: Applying for civil marriage registration
The application for state registration of marriage is filed by future spouses in person (part 2 of article 28 of the MCC). At the same time, the Ukrainian legislation provides for the possibility of applying for a wedding through a representative. However, this can only be done if there are valid reasons preventing personal treatment. In addition, from recent time Ukrainians have been given the opportunity to apply for marriage on-line
Registration on line www.dracs.minjust.gov.ua
Is it possible to marry a foreigner for 1 day? Registration procedure
Traditionally, the conjugal union was registered in Ukraine only after the expiry of a month from the moment of submission of the corresponding application. If there was a serious reason (for example, pregnancy), the union could be concluded earlier. From the middle of 2016, regardless of the presence of "valid reasons", you can marry a foreigner on the same day, if you have a package of necessary documents (see the previous paragraph).
This service is called "express marriage". To become a lawful wife quickly, you need to contact the local council or administration, agree on the conditions, time and place of celebration. So you can get a certificate within 24 hours after the registration of the spouses is not put .. According to the new rules, the stamp in the passports.
In Kiev, express marriages are registered at: Lesya Ukrainka Square, 1 (service "Done").
In Lviv: st. Monastic Mountain, 1.
At the moment, high-speed weddings are played in 18 cities of Ukraine. Officials promise that in the near future to make relations official in an accelerated manner will be available everywhere.
The cost of a quick procedure for registering marriages depends on how soon you dream of playing a wedding. The shorter the time, the more expensive the price of the celebration in the registry office. In order not to waste energy on organizing the ceremony, it's realistic to take a package that includes both a photographer, champagne, and even a bouquet of the bride. Of course, the price will be slightly more expensive than simply painting without additional inclusions.
How much does it cost to get married without delay:
On working days from 9:00 to 16:00 - from 1000 UAH.
At the weekend - from 1700 UAH.
The conclusion of marriage within an hour will cost you 2000 grivnas.
Exit registration ceremony for accelerated marriage - from 2500 UAH.
If you wish, you are allowed to appoint a celebration not for today or tomorrow, but, say, 3-4 days in advance.
As a rule, the marriage is legally registered in the registry office. If the future spouses can not arrive at the office for a good reason, on the basis of their application, the ceremony is held at the place of their stay (for example, in the inpatient department of the hospital). The presence of such a non-standard situation will also have to be documented.
Some of Wedding Traditions can be…
Blessing of parents. Probably, this tradition has the largest number of options in Ukraine. The most important thing is to know about it - the main idea, which is that the most important people in the couple's life - parents - bless the creation of a new family. According to the ceremony, parents bless the newlyweds with an icon, but if families are not religious, then parents can simply give their parting words.
Meeting with the caravan. This ceremony takes place at the beginning of the wedding. Parents meet the newlyweds with a karavai in their hands, offering the bride and groom to tear off a piece. Whose piece is bigger, he will be the head of the family.
The removal of the veil. Very gentle and beautiful tradition, which has quite a lot of variations depending on the region of Ukraine. This tradition symbolizes the adoption of a new person in the family.
According to tradition, the veil should be taken off by the mother-in-law. As a rule, such a tradition takes place in an easy game form. The groom first tries to remove the veil, thereby showing that the girl is no longer the bride, but the wife. The bride in jest resists, ostensibly still not completely reconciling herself to the loss of her independence and freedom. Then the mother-in-law approaches or suits and removes a veil, then ties the bride on a head a handkerchief.
And a lot of others……

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A bouquet of flowers (roses for example)+ a large box of chocolates +a small  box of chocolates
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