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The main purpose of the dating site is to acquaint people. And the registered user specifies the purpose of his registration:
In the case of (he's considered as a client), he indicated that his main goal is a real acquaintance, not a virtual one, to communicate with real women by means of matchmaker Dating Agency.
And if women registered at Dating Agency website for a long time correspond, communicate, accept gifts and then not just one woman, but even several women wrote and used other service of website (like sending the gifts for women, flowers etc. during long time) and never want or can not go on a real acquaintance, real meting, it is clear that behind this is a fraud agency.
The rules of Dating Agency site usually has conditions when a client can receive direct contact information of a lady or meet her in real life, not just communication by computer through the web.
For example, 15 letters between a client - a man and a lady, and then he can order from administration of Dating Agency site contact details of women. If a lady refuses to meet in person, or communicate directly, she is removed from the site as a fraudster and a website Dating Agency can be considered as a fraudulent lure of money.
If the customer is not provided of personal contacts of the lady (ladies) whom he's communicating with via Dating Agency, and after paying for many services of the Dating Agency, the client does not have a possibility dating with the lady (ladies) in real life, obtaining direct contact data of the lady, this can be considered as fraud and deception from Dating Agency.
If the girls doesn't know English, then they can be helped by translators, but still the purpose of the marriage agency is to connect people helping them to meet in person. Beside this, while the correspondence that translator of the Dating Agency provides the client, it's quite clear that he's planning to come and meet with the lady for the purpose for future creation of a family. And the money he spends for such correspondence are using by Dating agency for this reason.
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