We offer you a unique option of meeting serious family minded ladies in Kherson, the city that is located in South of Ukraine, 200 km. from Odessa. You can go by train from Kiev to Kherson. Kherson is a smaller city that is famous by its beautiful women that are modest and search for family with foreign men/.We provide following services : 1) Arranging dates with local ladies- promoting men profile to a lady, checking her interest, arranging a date, a feedback from a lady. 2) We arrange rent if a flat that costs around 30$ a day.3) do transfer from airport or train station. We do not have site, just printed photos of ladies up to 10 We photos in a file, you can come to office and look at profiles locally. Some profiles of ladies are available to send on email. Kherson has many places of recreation. The sea is 1 hour drive from the city, yacht trips and other activities are available. Welcome to meet your future dream soul mate!! 

Who are you an emperor or a gladiator?

Or you are “not fish, not meat”. If you want a beautiful girl, be either this or that. If you are greedy and not representative (not emperor) or fat, not attractive (not gladiator), then do not count on much with the opposite sex (young beauty)!

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