Выйди из стадного мышления и не реагируй на красоту Если ты ценишь внешность в людях, то тогда ты будешь ставить красивых людей на пьедестал. А это ошибка. Отношение ко всем людям должно быть одинаковое! Ты не должен оценивать людей! Не клей ярлыки из-за внешности. Не сравнивай себя с другими. Допустим, ты тяжелый случай и ты до сих пор ценишь внешность в людях и считаешь, что внешность важна. Что будет, если ты встретишь человека, который красивее и симпатичнее тебя в несколько раз? Значит, продолжая опираться на эту логику, ты должен быть ниже рангом, и у него должно быть преимущество перед тобой. Нужно ли тебе это? Вывод: общайся со всеми людьми одинаково независимо от их внешности! Всегда помни о том, что красота и внешность человека бывает обманчива. Знай об этом и выйди из стадного мышления.

 If you value appearance in people, then you will put beautiful people on a pedestal. And this is a mistake. The attitude to all people should be the same! You should not evaluate people! Do not glue the labels because of the appearance. Do not compare yourself with others. Let's say you are a hard case and you still appreciate the appearance in people and think that appearance is important. What happens if you meet a man who is more beautiful and handsome than you several times? So, continuing to rely on this logic, you should be lower than the rank, and he should have an advantage over you. Do you need this? Conclusion: Communicate with all people equally regardless of their appearance! Always remember that the beauty and appearance of a person is deceptive. Know this and get out of the herd thinking.

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  • How a man behaves in Ukraine after first meeting.(Rules)
After the first meeting:

  • The man mast shows the initiative. This is strange, but some foreign men are waiting for the girl will to call or write to him after the first meeting. Remember! The first phone call or message should do you.
  • Find out how the lady has reached, how she feels, what her mood is. It's better to call the day after the date.
  • Do not be obtrusive and do not demand the next meeting - immediately. Find out how the women back to home, when she has time for next meeting. Of course, if you are limited in time and soon leave, it is better to force events for the subsequent meeting.
  • Where to go with a lady in Kiev, besides the usual restaurant or cafe. Here are the options for you:
  • to sing in karaoke
  • go to bowling
  • go to the club, to the disco
  • go to the theater, philharmonic, society, museum
  • go to the cinema
  • walk in the park
  • go to the beach or picnic in summer
  • go for a boat in summer
  • go to the spa, sauna, swimming pool
  • go to the gym
  • visit the neighborhood of Kiev or even offer a lady a trip to another city for a couple of days.(For example to Lviv or Odessa)
  • Include your fantasy dear men!